Our jurisdiction

You can complain to us about the following authorities: 

Schedule to Public Services Act 1998 

  • 2 Statutory Bodies

  • Gibraltar Health Authority (St. Bernard's Hospital, Mental Health Services, Community Mental Health Team, Primary Care Centre)

  • Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation

  • Gibraltar Development Corporation Ltd (GDC) including the Employment Service (ES), the Tourist Board and any other sections of the GDC.

  • The Development and Planning Commission

  • The Transport Commission

  • The Traffic Commission 

  • The Care Agency

Gibraltar Electricity Authority

The Gibraltar Sports Authority

Housing Works Agency

3 Public Utilities and Contractors

  • Any person, company or other entity providing one or more of the following services to the Government of Gibraltar or to the general public under the terms of a contract with or a licence issued by the Crown or a statutory body.

  • Supply of telecommunications services

  • Supply of water services

  • Collection of any monies payable to the Government 

  • The operation of any registry

  • Environmental or public health control services

  • Clamping, tow-away or traffic management

  • The cleaning or upkeep of any part of the public highways or adjacent public areas.

  • Refuse collection or incineration services.

  • Car parking services

  • The management of the Alameda Gardens, the John Mackintosh Hall, the Gibraltar Museum, the Gibraltar Airport Terminal or any site, property or facility belonging to the Crown. 

  • Property Management, Property Agency, Rates Collection Services and Land Property Services. 

  • Immigration Services and entry point control and Terminal Security. 

  • Philatelic Supplies 

  • Emergency and Transfer Ambulance Services

4 Other bodies