Our office will carry out investigations that offer an insight into common problems that arise from time to time in different areas of public administration and that are of direct interest to a number of citizens. By taking appropriate action following the Ombudsman’s investigations, the entities involved will try to ensure that similar common complaints will not arise again and that citizens will benefit from improved service delivery.

When the Ombudsman has concluded an investigation he will issue a detailed report with his findings of the investigation. This section includes all reports on investigations carried out since 2005. They are organised by the most popular entities that we investigate and to browse through any of the summaries on a particular subject, select either one of the entities from the top menu or use our search facility below. 

Search Investigation Reports

To search for a particular report use the search facility below. You can search for reports that we have investigated on a particular government department or entity under our jurisdiction. Search by Department/entity (select any of the entities from the drop down menu list) by a particular topic (enter any term in the keyword box) or by date (enter a date range using the date boxes) and click on SEARCH.