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Working for us

Public Services Ombudsman Act 1998

Power to appoint staff complement

  1. The Ombudsman may, with the written approval of the Chief Secretary and within the limits of allowances and expenses set by the House of Assembly, appoint such officers as he may determine to be necessary or convenient as to numbers and conditions of service for the purposes of performing his functions, powers and duties hereunder.
  2. Without prejudice to any other provision of this Act, the Ombudsman may authorise any officer appointed under subsection (1) to carry out any function conferred by this Act on the Ombudsman.

General view

At the Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman we believe that our success depends on the dedication, integrity and expertise of our staff. Since the office opened its doors to the public we have been selecting staff from among applicants who have met core requirements and who are then supported with training and development to help them progress throughout their careers.

Working for the Public Services Ombudsman is a rewarding environment for those committed to working in support of the public.