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The Public Services Ombudsman investigates complaints about local authorities and certain other bodies. The investigation work is carried out by our trained investigators.

We investigate about most government matters including:

  • Housing
  • Education
  • Health
  • Civil Status
  • Immigration
  • Police (Administrative)
  • Social Security
  • Income Tax

If we find that the relevant government department or entity has done something wrong, we aim to get it put right. We can investigate complaints about how the department/entity has done something or failed to do something, but we cannot question what a department/entity has done just because you do not agree with it.

If you have a complaint, first you must give the relevant government department or entity concerned an opportunity to deal with it. In various departments/entities such as the Gibraltar Health Authority, the Royal Gibraltar Police or the Department of Enterprise it is advised to use their own complaints procedure. If you are not satisfied with their response, then you can complain to us.

Our purpose is:

  • To investigate and form opinions on complaints of defective public administration.
  • To promote fairness in the administrative actions of government departments or entities.
  • To provide a non-adversarial, professional, impartial and independent, investigative service in a timely, fair and sensitive manner.
  • Investigate complaints without undue formality.