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Note: To find out which entities are under our jurisdiction please click on the following link our jurisdiction. If you cannot find the entity you want to complain in our list, it is probably outside our jurisdiction and therefore we cannot investigate your complaint. For further information please feel free to call us on 20046001

Description of Complaint

What do you wish to complain about? Please tell us:

Background of Complaint (i.e. delay in having works carried out; delay in having applications processed; excessive time in replying to letters; failure to accept requests, grants, applications, registrations, claims; benefits not approved, unsatisfactory replies or outcomes)

What do you think the public body failed to do and how could they put things right?

Description of Complaint * This text box will provide for about 1000 characters with spaces. If the text that you want to include in this box surpasses the figure of 1000 characters, we recommend to write better your description of complaint in a word document and then attach it to your complaint form using the correspondence attachment facility below.

Correspondence (If Applicable)

It is also important to include copies of any documents which relate to your complaint including any correspondence between you and the entity complaining about. You may also upload any other relevant documents such as records (such as school records or medical records), bills and bank statements.

Our complaint form provides for three documents to be attached. If you have further attachments for us please send them by email to When sending the attachments please provide us with your allocated case number which you will receive via a confirmation email once you submit your complaint online.