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Submitting a complaint

If you are not satisfied with the final answer from the entity after having complained to it, or if the relevant entity you feel aggrieved with, does not give you an answer within a reasonable time, you can complain to the Ombudsman. We think up to one month is usually a fair time for the entity to respond to your complaint unless it is an emergency where the entity needs to respond quickly to your grievance. In such cases over lack of response, the Ombudsman could maybe intervene before the ill-treatment escalates.

To submit a complaint, you can either:

  1. Come personally to our office and fill in a complaint form. Complaint forms can be collected within our offices and can also be downloaded through our website under the 'Downloads Section'.
  2. Download our complaint form, fill it in and send it by post (freepost service is available when posting within Gibraltar) fax (20046002) or by email to our office.
  3. Write a letter of complaint and send it to us by post (freepost service is available when posting from Gibraltar) fax (20046002) or by email. In the letter write down what the complaint is, what has happened to you as a result and what do you think should be done to fix it.
  4. Use the online complaint form

Call our office (20046001) if you have any queries before submitting your complaint.

We should be able to give you information about:

  • whether your complaint is one the law (our Act) allows us to investigate
  • whether there are any steps you need to take before we can look at your complaint - such as complaining to the government department or entity first. 
  • information that would help us to have from you, such as copies of your correspondence with the relevant department or entity aggrieved with.
  • what special help we can provide, if you need it to make your complaint to us.
  • other bodies that might be able to help you if your complaint is not something we can investigate.