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Public Services Ombudsman (PSO) Group meetings usually involve all the Ombudsmen listed below:

UK Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman for England

Northern Ireland Ombudsman

Public Services Ombudsman for Wales

Scottish Public Services Ombudsman

Ombudsman and Information Commissioner for Ireland

Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman

Bermuda Ombudsman

Cayman Islands Complaints Commissioner

Parliamentary Ombudsman for Malta

Local Government Ombudsmen

Housing Ombudsman UK

These PSO meetings bring an abundant exchange of information between the different parties concerned. Updates on the British and Irish Ombudsman Association (BIOA) and European International Business regarding Ombudsmen and their work are also a highlight of the meetings. Action points and matters arising from relevant Ombudsman work and office updates are also other points of interest in these meetings which are organised in different offices from any of the attendee’s venues.