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September 27, 2012

Our Senior Investigating Officer, Nicholas Caetano, recently attended the I.O.I Ombudsman Practice Training Course in Vienna (17th-19th September). The training sessions were hosted by Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh.
34 delegates from global Ombudsmen jurisdictions participated in the course, each one contributing to the forum by sharing their local experiences and raising awareness of the very distinct issues facing different Ombudsmen in their respective territories.
Mr Peter Kostelka together with all the delegates from global Ombudsmen jurisdictions that participated in the course
The course material was extremely varied and informative. Areas discussed both individually and in group/table sessions included:
Operating within legal frameworks (functions of the Ombudsman, limitations to remit, redress and remedies).
  • - Managing conflict and challenging behaviour from complainants
  • - Complaint diagnosis and development (making reliable decisions on whether to investigate)
  • - Investigation planning and reasoning
  • - Gathering and managing facts/evidence
  • - Effective interviewing skills
  • - Critical thinking and decision making
  • - Reaching and acting on reliable findings-making proportionate recommendations
  • - Producing clear written documents and reporting persuasively
This is not the first occasion that a member of the “O” Team attends an I.O.I. course accredited by a higher education provider.
Nicholas has commented, “it is invaluable that the Gibraltar Public Service Ombudsman team participate in events such as these. Primarily and most significantly, because by doing so, we are able to share our experience and knowledge and also learn from the working practices of other colleagues within different jurisdictions, the aim of this being, to enable us to improve on the already comprehensive service we provide to our citizens. Secondly, the presence of a Gibraltar representative at international events secures and reiterates the respected position our current Ombudsman holds within the Ombudsman world”
Our Senior Investigating Officer together with other delegates at the I.O.I Ombudsman Practice Training Course In Vienna