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May 28, 2012

Mediation course held in London on 14-17 May 2012 by 'UK Mediation Limited' attended by Nicholas Caetano, Senior Investigating Officer/Legal Adviser

The course aims were as follows:


  1. To compare mediation with other forms of dispute resolution
  2. To identify the requisite skills and qualities of an effective mediator
  3. To consider how learners can apply mediation in their own settings
  4. To develop and assess competence in the practice of mediation


  5. The principles of mediation were reviewed and mediation itself defined as being “a voluntary process by which an impartial third party (the mediator) helps people in a dispute to explore and understand any differences that they have. This then assists them in to come to a mutual agreement in settling those differences.”
  3. The advantages to using mediation to resolve disputes include - speed; cost saving; maintaining better relationships and often a win/win situation. Mediation was also described as being constructive; informal; staged (in that it takes a step by step approach); confidential and future focused.
  1. Some of the qualities of an effective mediator are described as, “understanding of people and situations; ability to learn from experience; genuineness; flexibility; commitment to equal opportunities and inclusion; creativity”.
  3. On the first two days of the course, attendees were briefed on the more technical and academic aspects to mediation and on days three and four, different scenarios were set out and attendees asked to carry out role play situations. Groups were split in two with the first half acting as mediators on day three and as disputants on day four. The roles were then reversed.
  5. Attendees have been asked to submit four 1000 word essays on different aspects taught and learnt on the course. These will have to be submitted by mid June. An assessment will then follow with an award of “The Interpersonal Mediation Practitioner’s Certificate” granted to successful attendees.
  7. The grant of said qualification to Nicholas will no doubt be an added tool to the service the Office of the Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman provides to our local citizens.