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July 10, 2019

Meeting of the Public Sector Ombudsman Group (“PSOG”) held in the Offices on the Northern Ireland Ombudsman in Belfast on 20th May 2019

The Public Sector Ombudsman Group (“PSOG”) held its bi-annual meeting in Belfast, on Monday 20th May 2019. The PSOG meeting was chaired by Marie Anderson, the Public Services Ombudsman of Northern Ireland. 
The Public Services Ombudsman of Gibraltar attended the meeting together with the Deputy Ombudsman. 
PSOG meetings provide Public Sector Ombudsmen with a forum for the exchange of ideas at first hand and an opportunity to discuss areas of common interest. The PSOG meetings also enable Ombudsmen to provide each other with updates on the work carried out in their respective countries and offices. 
PSOG members include the Public Services Ombudsmen of the Republic of Ireland; Northern Ireland; Scotland; Wales; the United Kingdom Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman; the Local Government and Social Care Ombudsman of England; the Housing Ombudsman in England, the Parliamentary Ombudsman of Malta and the Public Services Ombudsman of Gibraltar. The Director of the Ombudsman Association also attends these bi-annual meetings. 
On this occasion, PSOG members were pleased to welcome the Public Services Ombudsman of the Falkland Islands, Mr Dick Sawle, who joined the meeting as an observer.