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April 11, 2012



The Ombudsman, Mario Hook, is pleased to announce the appointment of Nicholas Peter Caetano as Senior Investigating Officer/Legal Adviser to his office, following the recent departure of Mark Clive Zammit. He has also been appointed Liaison Officer for both the European Network of Ombudsmen and the British and Irish Ombudsman Association.


Mr Hook has described Nicholas as a respected barrister at law in his mid thirties with wide ranging experience and a solid background in private practice; called to the bar in England and Wales and subsequently Gibraltar, in 1999.

 Mr Hook said, “Nicholas is a welcome addition to our team and I am sure he will prove to be an asset to the public service we provide. The wealth of experience spanning numerous areas of the law in general legal practice and litigation which Nicholas will bring to the Office of the Ombudsman will no doubt serve us well.”


Nicholas commenced his career under the experienced eye of the current speaker of Parliament, Haresh Budhrani Q.C., followed by private practice as a fee earner at the commercial law firm of Denton Wilde Sapte, then Attias & Levy and subsequently as a sole practitioner.


On his appointment, Mr Caetano himself has commented “ I am thrilled at the prospect of being able to assist the Ombudsman in the functions of his office in relation to general legal matters but more significantly, in providing complainants with advice and guidance on injustices which may arise as a result of potential maladministration. It is evident that my predecessor performed his duties in a most diligent manner. I will endeavour to continue to so do, to the best of my professional ability”.