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June 03, 2016

The Senior Investigating Officer (“SIO”) attended the Ombudsman Association Annual meeting held in Dublin on 12-13 May 2016.
The meeting consisted of a series of lectures and workshops in areas such as “how organisations can learn from mistakes”, “improving decision making and the quality of investigations” and “the extension of the Ombudsman remit.” Networking opportunities were also factored into the event. When asked about the value extracted by the Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman, the SIO commented, “As a full voting member of the Ombudsman Association, it is important for us to touch base with our colleagues on the international stage. We share experiences, discuss salient issues, keep abreast of developments within the Ombudsman world and vote on matters tabled. This year for the first time, we acceded to a request for us to chair part of the event. As an aside to the “chairing” duties, this provided us the opportunity to address the delegates on the current trends within our office. It is as important for us to learn from the experiences of other Ombudsman schemes as it is to share our own working practices.”