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August 06, 2015

Parallel to the distribution of the 15th Annual Report outside Parliament House on 11th June 2015 the Ombudsman also conducted a public survey on the Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman Office. 100 people were randomly chosen for the survey. Ninety three percent of the people who took the survey were aware that there was an Ombudsman in Gibraltar and 86% knew what his role was. As Gibraltar is quite small in land area most people who took the survey knew the location of our office (87%) and hence word of mouth is always the best way to find about the Ombudsman (49%). Nearly half who took the survey first came across the Ombudsman by another person telling them by word of mouth about its existence. More than third of the people (35%) who took the survey have used our service before which generally speaking shows that 1 in 3 people in Gibraltar have visited our office since it opened its doors to the public in 1999. From those who have used our office before, 74% were satisfied with the service being provided, Unfortunately we do not have feedback on those who were not satisfied with the service but it is highly likely that those who were not satisfied, were people whose complaint did not have a favourable outcome in respect of their grievance – not our service. We will ensure on out next survey to extract more detailed information so we can provide more accurate results. It was very likely that if the need arose most members of the public (94%) would make use of the Ombudsman’s services. Full results are shown below.
Ombudsman Survey - 11th June 2015

1  Are you aware that Gibraltar has an Ombudsman?

YES         93%

NO         7%


      2   Do you know what the role of the Ombudsman is?

      YES         86%
      NO         14%

3  Are you aware of the location of our office?

YES         87%

NO         14%


     4   How do you know about the Ombudsman?

     Word of mouth                 49%

     Internet                               7%

     Local Radio/TV                  15%

     Other                                    29%


5   Have you ever made use of the Ombudsman’s services?

YES         35%

NO         65%


     6   If so, were you satisfied with the service given?

    YES         74%

    NO         26%


7   If the need arises would you make use of the Ombudsman’s services?

Very likely                           94%

Not likely at all                   1%

Don’t know                        5%