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December 20, 2011

Public Sector Ombudsman Group

Meeting held at the Gibraltar London house

1st & 2nd December 2011

The Gibraltar Ombudsman forms part of a group of Ombudsmen that meet three times a year. This rather unique group is comprised of the United Kingdom’s Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, the Public Sector Ombudsmen for England (2), Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as the Ombudsman for Ireland, Malta, the Cayman Islands and Bermuda; the UK Housing Ombudsman also forms part of this group.

The venue for our meetings rotate from office to office and it is customary for the Ombudsman hosting the meeting to also host a dinner the evening prior to the meeting. In real terms, the dinners are an integral part of our meetings given the amount of information exchanges and business matters that are dealt with during the dinners.



The Gibraltar Public Services Ombudsman hosted the last meeting of 2011. This was also the last PSO group meeting of the United Kingdom’s Parliamentary and Health Ombudsman before her retirement at the end of December 2011.

Given the splendid facilities which Gibraltar enjoys at the Gibraltar London House in London, we decided to host our event there. We received very positive comments from those attending the dinner and meeting on our choice of venue. The location was great, the offices superb, the service excellent and the assistance received from Mr Peter Canessa and his team was magnificent.

All in all another worthy get-together where ideas were discussed and information and learning’s shared.