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July 12, 2013

The Public Sector Ombudsman Group meets three times every year. The meetings are held in the offices of the different Ombudsmen on a rotating basis. On this occasion the meeting was held in Gibraltar on the 27th and 28th June 2013.
The members of the group are the United Kingdom's Parliamentary and Health Services Ombudsman, Dame Julie Mellor, the Local Government Ombudsman for England, Dr Jane Martin, for Wales, Peter Tyndall, for Scotland Jim Martin, for Northern Ireland, Dr Tom Frawley, the Ombudsman for Bermuda, Arlene Brock, for the Cayman Islands Nicola Williams, for the Republic of Ireland, Emily O'Reilly, for Malta Chief Justice Emeritus, Joseph Said Pullicino and Gibraltar.
The purpose of the meetings is to share our experience and learn from the wealth of knowledge that each member brings to the Group.
A feature of our meetings is that each ombudsman gives an update of events in his office from one meeting to another.
Importantly for Gibraltar these are always excellent opportunities to learn what is going on in the wider Ombudsman world. We need to know what other Ombudsmen are doing and the way in which the work of the Ombudsman develops. 
Specifically, on this occasion following developments in the Northern Ireland office, we have now made contact with the Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and it is envisaged that we shall be meeting them in the autumn so as to explore the possibility of incorporating Human Rights issues into our investigations as is the case with other Ombudsmen throughout Europe.
Attending the meeting on this occasion are the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, the Ombudsman for Wales and Bermuda and the Local Government Ombudsman for England.