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In this section we provide monthly reports on all the complaints and enquiries that we receive in our office through our Complaint Management System © Database. These reports provide a brief and individual description of all the different nature of complaints that we receive, together with other relevant information pertaining to their case. All items are in .pdf format and to view any of them you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which is free and available to download on our website.

Below you can find the latest monthly reports. 

Annual Report 2019

22 December 2021

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In all our annual reports we also provide extensive statistical information such as the volume of complaints received, the distribution of complaints by their corresponding departments/entities, the nature and classification of complaints completed and even on the number of recommendations we put forward to the entities concerned. Please click on the document below to view a recollection of all the statistical information (2000-2010) that we have provided over the years in our annual reports.