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August 01, 2012

From the period 26th July to 21st September 2012 we will have Grace Lima working with us as a university student under the 'Government Summer Student Scheme'. She will be working from 10am to 2pm daily. Please find below her first impressions of the Ombudsman's role. 



As a law student and having previously worked for various law firms in Gibraltar, working for the Office of the Ombudsman will provide me with the unique opportunity to work with the law from a different perspective, as such a body acts as an impartial intermediary between the state and the public rather than for a private client.


I am delighted to have been provided with the privilege of working with a body who represent the interests of the public by investigating instances of possible maladministration, and who are thus a vital element of today’s society as they significantly contribute to its well being.  


'Studying Law at Aberystwyth University, in the heart of the West Coast of Wales, has enabled me to acquire a thorough grounding in the fundamental principles and methods of the law and legal reasoning, in an outstandingly beautiful location by the sea.'  Grace Lima