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August 18, 2015


Emma Louise Valdivia - Summer Placement 2015
As a Comparative Literature student at the University of Kent I often have to apply critical thinking and analysis when undertaking research for particular pieces of work. Having a summer placement at the Office of the Ombudsman has provided me with an opportunity to draw certain parallels between the manner in which cases are researched to my own line of studies. 
I was made to feel very welcome by all team members since the first day I started work. The duties assigned were varied; ranging from updating a record database of complaints received to actually preparing for the Ombudsman a résumé of all case studies published in the latest Ombudsman’s Annual Report for 2014.  This task was particularly fruitful as I was able to understand the complex and sensitive role of the Office and all the work that goes into the resolution of many of the cases. 
During my placement I was also able to appreciate the professionalism of the Ombudsman and his team when offering advice to the general public. Whether these complaints reach a full investigation or not, they nevertheless listen to all clients’ problems, dealing with them in a fair but impartial manner. I have also been given an insight into the common problems that arise in different areas of public administration and how these are dealt with.   
I have thoroughly enjoyed my summer placement. Most definitely I have acquired skills that will become invaluable in my future endeavours.
Emma Louise Valdivia.
Summer placement of 2015.