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Relevant Entities you may want to contact

Please find below some of the most relevant entities you may want to contact. The Ombudsman would like to point out that this is not a comprehensive list.

Civil Status and Registration Office: Tel: 20051725

Care Agency: Tel: 20078528

Companies House: Tel: 20078193

HM Customs: Tel: 20046700

Education and Training: Tel: 20077486

Electricity Authority: Tel: 20048900

Employment: Tel: 20040410

Environmental Agency: Tel: 20070620

Enterprise, Development, Technology and Transport (Ministry of): Tel: 20052052

Town Planning Office, Town Planner: Tel: 20075483

Environment (Department of the): Tel: 20079088

Finance (Ministry of): Tel: 20070071

Fire Brigade: Tel: 20079507

Gibraltar Tourist Board: Tel: 20074950

Gibraltar Health Authority: Tel: 20007015 has its own internal complaints procedure. If no final response in 8 weeks or not satisfied with the final response you can refer your complaint to the Panel. For more information about referral of complaints to Panel please download:

GHA Review Complaints Panel

Housing (Ministry for Housing): Tel: 20075039

Reporting Office: Tel: 48440/48441/42253

Housing Works Agency:

Human Resources: Tel: 20071911

Income Tax Office: Tel: 20075260

Justice (Ministry of): Tel: 20059267

Land Property Services Ltd: Tel: 20040200

Port Authority: Tel: 20046254

Post Office: Tel: 20050846

Prison Service: Tel: 20077249

Social Security (

Department of): Tel: 20051149

Sports and Leisure Authority: Tel: 20078256

Treasury Department: Tel: 20048396

Water supply, AquaGib Ltd: Tel: 20040880